Life Stories...  Real people.  Real stories.  Real God.

Below you'll find stories of how God impacts and changes lives.  These are real stories from real people at Life Church who encounter a real God.

8 Months of Pain Gone - God heals!

Angie tells how after eight months of dealing with a blood disorder she was prayed for. Pain is now gone! Blood tests negative!


I'm Christian but Don't Go To Church

Robert shares how he was hurt in a previous church and stopped attending church for a long time. What he found at Life Church surprised him!


Trusting God With Money

Marcella shares how a small step to give money for school supplies led her and Jeff to take a tithe challenge and trust God with their finances.


A Lesson On Compassion 

Liz and Bethany share about the impact people of La Carpio, Costa Rica had on them from a recent mission trip.


Relationship Reconciled Just In Time

After 10 years of not speaking, Shelly forgives her father and reconciles their relationship just months before he passes away.


Carly's Life Group Experience

Carly shares about the first time she joined a Life Group after attending Life Church for only a few weeks and the impact it had on her.


Alandria's Baptism Video

Alandria talks about how she didn't grow up going to church, discovered God after hitting rock bottom, and now is getting baptized.  

Single Mom's Experience at Life

Machelle shares her story about how she found Life Church and the impact it's had on her four year old son.


2014 Back To School Bash

Life Church partners with Chapel Glen Elementary.  This year we provided over 200 students with full supplied backpacks to begin the school year.


A Single Mom Loves Her New Church!

Carly, a single mom, shares how she ended up at Life Church and the impact it has had on her six year old son.


Life Church Gives Away A Car

Amy, a single mom and employee at LifeKids Childcare, gets surprised with a new car!  She had been riding her bicycle to work each day.


Teen Escapes Abusive Relationship

Gloria discovers freedom and joy in God after being stuck in an abusive relationship.


Robert's Life Group Experience

Robert was hesitant to join a Life Group as someone new to Life Church. Learn about the first two Life Groups he was a part of.  


Jaclyn's Baptism Video 

Jaclyn shares how her faith meant very little to her growing up and the search she went on to find something more.


Lexi's Baptism Video

Lexi, a 17 year old, shares how she had never found a church for her until ending up at Life Church.  

Seeing Your Work As A Ministry

Daniel shares how God uses his small business as a ministry to others, including how he got to minister to a Buddhist.  


Costa Rica 2013

Life Church sent a team of 10 people to work with Dan and Cindy Salas in Costa Rica.  This video shows some highlights from the week.


Overcoming Loneliness

After moving from Texas and feeling very lonely in Indianapolis, Maria finds a new family and purpose at Life Church.


A Life Group Helps A Single Mom

Julie, a single mom, shares how her Life Group provided an answer to her boys' prayer for Thanksgiving.


Zach's Baptism Video 

Zach, a 16 year old at Life, shares how important his faith is to him now and how he wants to get serious about his faith.


Marcella's Baptism Video

Marcella shares about the freedom she has found from her past and childhood.  She's ready to leave her past in the water and move forward!


Kensey's Baptism Video

Kensey shares how she overcame her fear of God, found Life Church, and discovered a God that has been pursuing her.