Service Times & Directions

Brownsburg: Sundays @ 10:30am
326 N. Green St., Brownsburg, IN

Indianapolis: Sundays @ 9:00 & 11:00am
612 N. High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 

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Week 1 

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

A persons last words can be the most important words of their life. Join us as we explore Jesus' last words, and why His last command should be our first concern.


Week 2 

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

If God is going to change the world, bring a new Kingdom and fulfill all that the cross set into motion...He's going to do it through us. When you look into a mirror, you see the last hope for this world. Are you ready?


Week 3 

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

Pastor Scott describes the heart of our church during an outdoor community service following our week-long Life Kids Sports Camp.


Week 4 

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

As we continue in our ACTS series, we examine how God has empowered us for healing.


Week 5 

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

Andy Purdy and his team of youth discuss their recent missions trip and explore the idea of Following God by saying "The First Yes".


Week 6 

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

This week in Acts, we look at several passages that will empower us to live each day with the boldness of Christ.


Week 7 

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

Empowered with Compassion 


Week 8

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

As we continue in Acts, we will look at the act of serving, and discover how to be empowered to serve.


Week 9

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

Continuing in our Acts series, we learn how God can empower us to change.


Week 10

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

This week in Acts, we look at chapter 10 and challenge what we often see in a person to what God sees in that person. We will learn how to be empowered to see as Christ sees.


Week 11

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

Empowered to Pray


Week 12

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

This week, in the study of Acts, we are challenged to look at God's wisdom instead of the wisdom of man.


Week 13

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

This week we get Empowered with Hope. We learn that not only can God handle our Lamentations in times of trouble, but sees them as a form of worship.


Week 14

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

Andy Purdy, Life Church Youth Pastor, shares his personal experiences about how to persevere through life's storm.