Service Times & Directions

Brownsburg: Sundays @ 10:30am
326 N. Green St., Brownsburg, IN

Indianapolis: Sundays @ 9:00 & 11:00am
612 N. High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 

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EQ: Equalizing Your Life

Week 1: Growing in Christ

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
How do we grow in our relationship with Christ?  Do you struggle with feeling like you're letting God down and can't live up to His standards?  Join us as we start EQ and grow in our relationship with God together.

Week 2:  From Believe to Disciple

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
Are you a tourist in the Kingdom of God or have you made it your home?  For many it's tempting to jump between their new life in Christ and their old life.  Find out the difference between being a believer in Jesus Christ and being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Week 3:  Producing Fruit

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
Do you feel pressured to perform or produce for Jesus? Discover how God calls us to bear fruit and how He deals with us to help us bear more fruit and become more like Jesus.

Week 4:  Servant

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
Why can we live a full life without being fulfilled?  Discover what the Apostle Paul said about both who you are in Christ and how God created you.

Week 5:  My Vocation

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
What is the difference between your occupation and your vocation?  What perspective does God want you to have at your job?

Week 6:  Rest

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
Most of us live busy lives on the edge of burnout and being overwhelmed.  Why is it so hard to rest in a way that replenishes and restores us?  Discover how Jesus said we can find rest for our souls.

Week 7: Sharing Your Faith

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
The word 'evangelism' leaves a negative impression with many Christians and non-Christians alike.  It shouldn't and doesn't have to.  Discover what it means to share your faith in a way that is Biblical and goes naturally with your personality.  

Week 8:  Family

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
Discover the three foundational principles that need to be in place for us to have strong families and strong relationships with our children.

Week 9:  Integrity

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
Do you have the courage to face reality?  Does your behavior match your beliefs?  Discover what a life of integrity looks like and how you can EQ your life in this area.

Week 10:  Wired for Worship

Audio  |  Video
Life Church worship leader Lyn Power leads us in an experience of discovering what worship is.  She also shares how worship is a process that develops as God shapes and molds our heart.