Service Times & Directions

Brownsburg: Sundays @ 10:30am
326 N. Green St., Brownsburg, IN

Indianapolis: Sundays @ 9:00 & 11:00am
612 N. High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 

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Finding Balance

Week 1

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

In life we have so many things trying to get our time and attention.  It's easy for life to get out of balance.  Join us as we begin a journey to restore balance to our lives and live the type of life Jesus described.


Week 2

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video

Do you struggle with your job? Discover the difference between you occupation and vocation. Learn a truth about your work that could change how you view your job each day.


Week 3

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video  |  LifeLine

Have you achieved work-life balance?  Learn why the idea of work-life balance is a myth and what to do when your work doesn't provide the satisfied life you expect.


Week 4

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video  |  LifeLine

In our culture of 24/7 communication, work, interruptions, full schedules, and never ending demands finding rest can almost seem impossible.  This week we discover the secret to true rest and God's plan for how we should rest.


Week 5

Notes  |   Video

God values play. Join us as we discover what the three areas of play are in the in the fifth message of the Finding Balance series.


Week 6

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video  |  LifeLine

Worship is natural to every person. God wired it in our DNA. We all worship something. What are you worshiping in your life?