Service Times & Directions

Brownsburg: Sundays @ 10:30am
326 N. Green St., Brownsburg, IN

Indianapolis: Sundays @ 9:00 & 11:00am
612 N. High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 

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Hot Topics

Week 1: Biblical Worldview

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
As Christians, how should we approach teh hot button and controversial issues of our day?  How do we respond to those that have different views or oppose what the Bible says?

Week 2: Divorce & Cohabitation

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
What does the Bible teach about divorce, cohabitation and sex outside of marriage?  How do these truths mix with God's grace?

Week 3:  Environmentalism

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
Is God green?  Is it really worth our time and attention to care for the environment, or is it just a political hot button issue of our time?

Week 4:  Caring for the Poor

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
How do you feel when you see the homeless on the side of the road?  Guilt?  Compassion?  Frustration?  We explore what Jesus says our response to the poor in our world should be.

Week 5:  Racism

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
Where do our thoughts and attitudes come from towards people that are different from us?  We explore some of the deep roots of racism in our culture and how the Bible calls us as Christians to live.

Week 6:  Homosexuality

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
What does the Bible say about homosexuality?  How do people interpret the Bible differently on this topic?  What about gay marriage and civil unions?

Week 7:  Militarisim

Notes  |  Audio  |  Video
Does patriotism ever conflict with our commitment to God?  Whe is a war and violence OK?  Are we Christians first and then Americans, or Americans first and then Christians?